Formalin and urea-formaldehyde concentrate (UFC)

Formalin is an aqueous solution of formaldehyde, stabilised with methanol. It is used as an antiseptic (formidron, formagel, etc.) for the preservation of biological materials (the creation of anatomical and other preparations), as a tanning agent in leather production, for the production of polymer thermosetting materials (phenol-formaldehyde, carbamide-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde resins) and is used in industrial organic synthesis for the production of pentaerithritol, trimethylol propane and others.

UFC is an aqueous solution of formaldehyde, stabilised with urea. It is one of the most important sources of formaldehyde and urea in the production of urea-formaldehyde and melamine-urea-formaldehyde resins. It is also used to treat urea against caking and in the timber processing and furniture industry for the production of composite board, chipboard, etc.

Urea-formaldehyde concentrate is obtained in practically the same way as formalin, only the formaldehyde-containing gas is absorbed by a solution of urea, not by water as in the case of formalin.

ZAVKOM offers the turnkey construction of formalin and UFC production plants.




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