N-methylaniline (monomethylaniline, MMA, N-MA) is an octane booster widely used in the production of petrol, both as a standalone component and for the production of multifunctional compositions of petrol additives. MMA is also used as a raw material for organic synthesis and as an interim product for dyes.

In the age of state-of-the-art technologies, many companies endeavour to find solutions to optimise the process of producing high-octane petrol, making savings with no loss of quality. Mixing monomethylaniline with straight-run petrol produces high-quality unleaded petrol with the required octane number.

On the addition of just 1.5-2.5% to petrol, monomethylaniline increases its octane number on average by 6 points, depending upon the hydrocarbon composition of the initial fuel and other additives used. In addition to this, N-MA improves the operational properties of the petrol, specifically by:

  • Enhancing the stability of the petrol, including during transportation and storage
  • Reducing the cost of petrol storage tank maintenance
  • Reducing petrol consumption by 5-7%
  • Reducing the toxicity of exhaust gases (CO and CH) by 20-30%

ZAVKOM has innovative technologies for the production both of N-MA and integrated petrol additives based on N-MA and oxygenates. The engineering solution for the construction of an MMA production line is selected with the assistance of our top specialists, whose first priority is to find the most economically feasible solution for the customer.




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